Money Exchange in Bali?

OK when you walk out of the Grand Mirage- onto the rd - turn left.

Pretty close by is a big shop selling Bali tourist stuff -t shirts sandals, painting, art work, dinner plates etc etc etc - and next to that is a convience store 24 something

as you face these two shops (just before the bend in the rd) there is a money changer on your left, behind etched glass.

Go in - they are 110% honest, the rate is pretty good, and when they give you your money they step back from the counter - place their hands in front of them and let your count the money without any fear of magic fingers.

There is also a Commonwealth Bank ATM outside the shop which should take your Canadian bank card as long it can be used internationally.

Opposite there is a strip of shops - there is a big Coco Supermarket 24 hrs which sells lots of food and liquor - as well as some clothing and Balinese tourist stuff.

The bottled water is cheap, the beer is cheap, but the wine and spirits are expensive as they are anywhere in Bali due to the Indonesian tax on wine and spirits. If you are a spirits drinker bring a bottle in duty free - you can bring 1 litre in per person.

The Grand Mirage is a great hotel, in a awesome location and you will have a wonderful holiday in Bali


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